We look for candidates who have the profile and the set of skills that match with your company and we select the most suitable ones.


Aptitude testing

We evaluate certain competences in potential employees with a set of psychological tests.


In-Plant HR

We dedicate hours of our professionals to develop tasks related to HR, such as recruiting, perks, handle communication plan career, define job descriptions, performance evaluations, among others.



We provide IT staff to cover your needs instead of you hiring them directly. We handle the working and commercial relationship between the employee and the company. We search, hire and/or replace candidates with your prior approval.

US Company

We had the pleasure of working with Conexion recruiters for the past 3 years, focusing on efficient communication between candidates and us, we were able to find the best fits for our roles. Today we have key players, potential talents and zero turnover among all their recruited candidates. Passion, efficiency and commitment are the key strength of Conexión making it one of the best trustworthy recruitment organizations in Argentina.
Guadalupe Arrieta
Qu Beyond

CONEXIONHR has helped us covering over 40 developer positions, including Front end, Back end, QA Automation, Engineering director, Technical writer, UX, Product Owner and Devops. They have succeeded in adapting to our needs and team growth. Along them we’ve expanded our technology team in a fast, but most importantly, quality way. Hope to keep working together in the future. Thank you for doing a great job!
Tanya Van Court
Nickelodeon and ESPN

CONEXIONHR helped us fill more than 10 openings, for the roles of .NET backend, mobile developers, QA automation and functional, customer service, UX, among others. They are the best search firm I have ever worked with. Once they hired one engineer for me, I contracted with them to hire every single person on my team. We now have the strongest team I have ever worked with because of their professionalism and dedication to finding the right people. Plus, they are just wonderful people to work with!

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