ID 1047 – Systems Engineer (SRE) (para relocalización a España)

    Descripción del trabajo
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    Our client develop a complete wireless entertainment platform, which we certify and install in commercial aircraft. This context is really challenging: Their product works on aircraft, which can be connected (using cell 4G modem, or satcom) or not while we are interacting with our users, and can be electrically powered off at any moment.

    They do this, using open source technologies they love: Linux, kvm, python, django, go, postgresql, elasticsearch, influxdb, prometheus, grafana, graylog, kibana, ansible, rabbitmq, javascript, react, and always eager to try other languages and frameworks…

    As an agile company, they have developed plenty of tools have a dynamic product in their airplanes, which can be updated on demand, though a 4G connection. They collect plenty of data during flights, which they centralize at every landing to our cloud services.

    On the cloud side, we have a hybrid cloud on top of our Openshift Cluster running in their baremetal controlled servers, complemented with some AWS services.

    They really appreciate having an open culture: they are an open team, where they share their knowledge and experiences, in order to help our mates. They love open source, and they try to contribute with the community as much as they can.

    They are looking for a new Systems Engineer for our Infra team:

    • You feel passion for Open Source technology
    • You are a continuous learner, with huge curiosity
    • Experience with our tools: linux, kvm, kubernetes/openshift, docker, git, postgres, elasticsearch, etc.
    • Experience our stack: python, go, bash, ansible, etc

    Nice to have

    • Networking knowledge: switching, firewalling, routing, VPN, security…
    • Skills in Wireless communications


    • Flexible hours
    • Possibility to choose own hardware
    • Be part of a great team who creates amazing things