ID 1070 – Senior Full Stack Developer

    Descripción del trabajo
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    …with focus on frontend development of our web application “claVis monitor” – a full-time job with a
    fixed salary and an amazing quality of work and life.

    What you can do for us
    Your central task is the further development of “claVis monitor”, the central web-based remote
    monitoring system for wind energy – with real-time information about the essential operating states and
    condition abnormalities of the turbines. “claVis monitor” is based on latest web technology and allows
    remote access to essential control functions.
    Your main tasks are
    – the further development of performance features of the frontend
    – the introduction of automated UI tests for the frontend
    – the further development of the middle level with new functions, such as active control of the
    backend, and …
    – … DevOps on Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform (terraform)
    This includes further development of the tech stack with programming frameworks and languages,
    including microservice-driven React.js application on Kubernetes clusters in multi/hybrid clouds.
    What you should bring
    We rely on you as a full-stack developer with experienced and masterful application of
    TypeScript – react.js – vue.js – CSS – node.js – JavaScript / Webpack – Redux – GraphQL – Python – Git
    / Gitlab / Github / Gitflow – Linux – Docker – Kubernetes – AMQP – Redis

    What we do for you
    We offer you a modern, comfortable working environment in which you can fully contribute your
    enthusiasm for the IT world and your skills. You are welcome to join our team of uncomplicated,
    cooperative colleagues who are looking forward to working with you and on whom you can rely 100% –
    and, no question, we pay you a performance-fair salary.