ID 1166 – US Tax Sr or Advanced Analyst

    Job Overview
    • LugarMicrocentro

    Job purpose

    • Preparation of complex tax returns and work papers.
    • Proactively recognize issues and recommend solutions
    • Foster collaboration and constructive communication within the team
    • Demonstrate basic presentation and public speaking skills, while actively participating in meetings
    • Communicate in face-to-face situations, by phone and via email, and determine the appropriate mechanism for communicating, given the situation
    • Display general knowledge of engagement
    • Manage own and/or others impact on project economics, including controlling costs, monitoring budget to actual differences
    • Communicate your progress and the project status to seniors and supervisors worldwide
    • Take ownership of your schedule and proactively seek work when necessary to meet your annual chargeability goal
    • Adhere to practice protocol and other internal processes consistently
    • Explore the opportunity of going on rotation.

    In addition to specific competencies required for your role, you will also focus on developing the following in relation to firm-wide competencies:

    • Excellent work ethic and the ability to perform in a deadline-driven environment
    • Ability to plan, prioritize and organize work efficiently and effectively
    • Relentless focus on the customer service
    • Fluent communication in English, combined with interpersonal and teamwork skills
    • Identifying opportunities for process improvement
    • Ensuring use of the methodologies, tools and technology specific to tax
    • Encouraging others to ask critical questions and share their ideas and concerns openly}
    • Helping people contribute more by clarifying performance expectations and providing balanced and constructive feedback with specific behavioural examples
    • Developing strengths and opportunities collaboratively with team members by encouraging people to take action following feedback
    • Contributing to a positive team environment by demonstrating consistent commitment and optimism towards work challenges
    • Maintaining focus of team members on work products; holding others accountable for timely completion of high-quality work
    • Showing a sense of urgency in responding to clients and team needs by responding to all queries/concerns promptly
    • Focusing team members on key quality drivers for work assignments
    • Building positive relationships with internal professionals and client personnel by demonstrating integrity and genuineness