ID 1268- Java Developer Sr (100% remoto)


Role description
The Software Developer / Software Engineer role is a key talent segment in Products & Engineering. This role is critical to the delivery of solutions. It requires both breadth
and depth of experience in business analysis, software design, technology selection,
coding, testing, and production support.


  • Design, develop and own highly-scalable, reliable end-to-end solutions building
    robust unit tests to deliver high quality products.
  • Prioritize requirements and features.
  • Demonstrate technical subject matter expertise to scope projects, architect
    design solutions, and resolve issues.
  • Conduct technical investigations and prototyping in a fast-paced agile environment.
  • Solve problems sharing solutions and lessons learned, stepping back to understand the broader context and implementing fixes to ensure that they never occur again.
  • Stay current on evolving technologies and industry trends.
  • Achieve consistent level of autonomy.
  • Develop T-shaped skills -depth of expertise in at least one facet of software development with functional proficiency in the breadth of necessary skills-.That breadth includes business analysis (working with stakeholders to understand needs and translate into product design), human-centered design and user experience, UI development, database design and implementation,
    testing and automation, service/API design and implementation, and infrastructure design and support.
  • Provide high guidance, visibility and liaison opportunities. This includes not only
    providing technical consultation, but also advising on business processes and organizational design and leadership.

Required qualifications

  • Three or more years of recent professional experience in solving challenging
    technical problems in one or more of the following areas:
    – Java 8 with at least 3 Spring framework projects (Ex: Spring Boot, Spring
    Data, Spring Security).
    – NodeJS
  • Cloud Architecture and microservices experience.
  • Ability to write and speak English.
  • Predisposition to teamwork, continuous improvement and full-stack

Additional Qualifications

  • Experience with any of the following:
    -Spring Boot, Google Material Design, NodeJS packages (Express, pg,
    knex), OAuth, PaaS (CloudFoundry, Heroku, etc), CI (Jenkins, CircleCI,etc).
    – AWS (account management, Lambda, RDS, etc).
    – Serverless architecture.
    – Relational databases (PostgreSQL) and caching solutions (Redis).
    -Messaging solutions like Apache Kafka and AWS Kinesis and event-driven architecture.
    -Unit testing and TDD.
    – Working as part of an Agile dev team implementing micro services under a DevOps model.
    – Unix & Bash scripting.
    – SOX compliance.
  • Modern Javascript SPA frameworks (Ex: Angular, React + Redux, Vue.js),
    willing to use Angular
  • Passion for technology and self-learning skills.


  • Swiss Medical (SMG30) para el nuevo Aconcagüer y su grupo familiar
  • Flexibilidad Horaria (8-17 o 9-18 con 1 hora de almuerzo)
  • Clases de inglés 2 veces por semana en horario laboral (hay distintos niveles)
  • Reintegro de internet $800 (cubre una parte del costo)
  • Reintegro de gimnasio o para compra de materiales para hacer gimnasia en casa (máx $700)
  • Medio día libre de cumpleaños
  • Programa de Referidos


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