ID 1286- Sr Software engineer (100% remoto)

    Job Overview
    • RemotoSi

    About the Company
    This company is the world’s leading roadside assistance platform. We expand mobility and transportation options for consumers, automotive, logistics, and technology companies.

    First 2 months:
    o Understand our platform development environment and philosophy
    o Understand how our current Service Provider Selection works
    First 6 months:
    o Understand the mission of the Service Provider Selection system
    o Take over the development of the existing Service Provider Selection
    o Extend the Service Provider Selection to make it easy to configure
    o Optimize our Service Provider Selection algorithms in collaboration with our
    data science team
    o Involve in day to day challenges evolving in the service provider service
    Monitor critical alerts and daily logs and own the analysis
    o Candidate will be responsible for inducing himself towards maintaining the
    operability of the service in the production environment


    • In-depth and demonstrable knowledge of Spring Boot, Spring MVC framework and Microservices architecture
    • Expert knowledge of Java language and ecosystem
    • Data structures and fundamental algorithms
    • Hands-on MySql and NoSql data systems
    • Unit and system testing frameworks
    • Git

    Bonus points

    • Experience with Apache SOLR / Elasticsearch
    • Experience with Test Driven Development
    • Experience with logistics software (delivery, transportation, route planning)