ID 1290- Sr Cloud Security (100% remoto)

    Job Overview
    • RemotoSi

    About the Company
    This company is the world’s leading roadside assistance platform. We expand mobility and transportation options for consumers, automotive, logistics, and technology companies.

    First 2months:
    o Fully understand our cloud platform and security implementation practices
    o Review our incident management system for automation
    o Review our user permissions and identities, ensuring there are adequate
    infrastructure protection and data protection measures
    o Ensure remediation efforts for any gaps identified according to industry
    First 4 months:
    o Perform and document weekly security reviews
    o Review rules in infrastructure firewall and automate them to guard against
    emerging threats
    First 6 months:
    o Demonstrate a level of comfort with all of our current tools and propose
    o Automate incident response and recovery to help shift the primary focus of
    our security teams from response to analyzing root causes

    First 8 months:
    o Achieve full visibility of security events using logging and monitoring services
    o Ingest this information into a scalable platform for event management,
    testing, and auditing

    o Leverage event-driven automation to quickly remediate and secure our AWS
    environment in near real-time
    o Meet compliance requirements and identify suspicious behavior from a
    comprehensive group of sources, including CloudTrail, Amazon Simple Storage Service
    (S3), Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), and other AWS services
    o Identify vulnerabilities at all layers of application stack, and create a Threat Risk Index
    to assess our security posture
    o Manage host and endpoint security to detect and protect against malware and other
    o Help in assessing code, logic and application to determine security vulnerabilities


    • In-depth and demonstrable knowledge of AWS cloud and AWS Cloud Security.
    • At least 4 years of experience implementing security in AWS preferably for
      environments that run many of AWS services including VPC, ALB, EC2, Lambda, S3, SQS, etc.
    • Expertise in Linux operating systems (CentOS, Amazon Linux, Ubuntu)
    • Expertise in vulnerability management, threat management and secrets management
    • High-level programming languages like Python
    • Penetration testing
    • Next Gen Firewall
    • CIS benchmarks
    • IDS/IPS
    • SSO technologies and enterprise authentication services
    • Directory Services
    • Configuration management tools like Ansible and orchestration like Terraform and
    • Security/Network Forensics
    • Minimum B.S. in computer science, information security or a related technology field


    Bonus points
    o You have AWS cloud security and CISSP
    Security Tools:
    o You are familiar with security tools like HIDS, vulnerability scanners, and
    antimalware solutions

    Note: This role is not a DevOps Engineer/Cloud Engineer role.