ID 1370- Ssr / Sr Systems Administrator (100% remoto)


Reporting directly to the CTO and managing the overall system infrastructure. This is a Ssr or Senior administrator and architecture role responsible for the overall technical management, operations, ongoing maintenance and support of our large scale production platform.


  • Daily monitoring and maintenance (including periodic upgrades, backups, preventative maintenance, etc) of various staging and production environments, ensuring uptime and stability.
  • Troubleshooting systems performance issues, formulating a repair-strategy and implementation thereof.
  • Continued review of security architecture and ensuring exploitable vulnerabilities are mitigated.
  • Designing and architecting system and platform changes, according to business requirements, including systematic role-out plan/strategy for deploying those changes to live environments.
  • Configuring, testing, deploying and maintaining various:
          -physical and virtual servers
          -network equipment
          -cloud tenancies
          -third-party software platforms
  • Integrating/interfacing hosted on-prem systems with third-party cloud-based platforms.
  • Collaborate with multiple teams on various projects and deployments
  • Basic user helpdesk support (setting up accounts, VPN configs, etc)
  • Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum of 3 year’s experience in a senior infrastructure engineer / systems architecture role for technology-oriented organization required.
  • Hands-on experience working with Linux (incl all of the below on Linux).
  • Strong understanding of Ubuntu Server edition and Centos/RHEL required.
  • Strong understanding of Linux mail systems, SMTP, large scale email platforms, DKIM, SPF and the holistic process behind email delivery/transfer.
  • Extensive experience working on AWS and GCP.
  • Exceptional problem determination and creative problem solving skills.
  • Strong written and verbal skills.
  • Strong understanding of software development lifecycle.
  • Strong documentation and organizational practices.
  • Extensive experience with many of these:
          o Mac OSX / Linux (Both hardware and Operating Systems)
          o MySQL, deployment, clustering, replication, maintenance and troubleshooting
          o Network architecture, deployment and troubleshooting
                    § L2 switching, VLAN’s, DNS, DHCP, etc
                    § basic static routing principles
                    § stateful firewalling (NAT, Zonal FW policies, etc)
                    § load balancing and ssl-offloading
                    § remote access and VPN concepts
                    § proxying (especially Squid, HAProxy)
  • Network, physical and virtual host system security (local FW policies, IDS systems, mac-filtering, DMZ’s, etc)
  • Monitoring platforms and SNMP (Nagios, Icinga, OpenNMS, etc)
  • Cloud based security platforms (Cloudflare, etc)
  • Cloud-computing technologies (OpenStack, oVirt, RHEV or similar)
  • CDN principles and inline caching
  • Baremetal hardware, SAN
  • Backup technologies
  • Deployment automation systems (Ansible, Puppet or equivalent)
  • Expertise with multiple Web technologies including but not limited to HTTP, SSL, DNS and SMTP protocols.


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