ID 1402- Devops (100% remoto)


The Infrastructure Developer is responsible for bringing and spreading the knowledge, ideas, and hands-on implementation skills needed to deliver and run software services. The ID delivers complex enterprise systems using open source and lightweight design, helping customers to adopt DevOps and Cloud methodologies, customer-focused and agile.

Infrastructure Developers are responsible for ensuring that the team and client have an understanding of operational requirements, and take a shared responsibility for designing and implementing infrastructure for delivering and running software services. This involves hands-on involvement in building deployment and testing pipelines, automated provisioning of cloud infrastructure, and infrastructure support services such as monitoring. Watching out for performance bottlenecks and scaling pitfalls are all within the realms of an Infrastructure Developer.


  • Think through hard problems in a consultancy environment, and work with amazing people to make the solutions a reality
  • Assesses change implementation options, benefits and risks, and recommends the most appropriate approach with minimal assistance.
  • Develops thorough system life cycle plan.
  • Develops technical design specifications based on functional requirements; develops and maintains Cloud applications.
  • Builds and maintains systems with current and emerging technologies while leveraging and expanding system capabilities.
  • Conducts decision support systems tests, monitors test results, identifies appropriate issues and takes corrective action.
  • Create, use and configure automation tools for productive environments
  • Implements CI/CD pipelines.
  • Work with cloud technologies.
Skills required
Not all the skills are mandatory, but you need to have experience in the majority of them. At least one year of working experience.

  • Linux system administration.
  • Experience in at least 2 programming languages.
  • Experience in AWS, GCP and/or Azure.
  • Automation tools: Terraform, Ansible,  CloudFormation.
  • Containers and Container orchestration (Kubernetes).
  • Fluent English (This is a job with US and EU customers).


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