ID 1448 – Sr Backend


Our technology team is a rapidly growing group of talented and experienced engineers helping
to build the leading enterprise software company focused on restaurant technology. We use a
modern tech stack to build great products and solve interesting and challenging engineering
and innovation problems. We are actively looking to build out our data science, natural
language processing, and machine learning teams with a fullstack developer that can help
bring innovation demos and products to market quickly.
We are looking for a Sr. software developer capable of Designing, Developing, Testing and
Deploying high-performance reporting and analytics using elasticsearch.

● Software product development experience
● Experience and very strong conceptual understanding ElasticSearch
● Experienced with high-performance low latency, large data reporting applications
● Experience designing and facilitating complex queries and reporting strategies
● Current with a variety of modern technologies
● REST Based Web Services (building both services and clients of services)
● Experience with high performance multi-threaded ETL and data access
● Strong understanding and opinions about software development process
      ○ code organization, test driven development, unit testing
      ○ strong understanding and opinions about source control – Git branching
      ○ experience with DevOps and CI/CD environments
● Comfortable architecting and designing large scale systems
      ○ designing for scalability
      ○ design for high-performance – low latency, high throughput
      ○ architecting for scalable teams,
      ○ comfortable exploring and employing new technologies

● Familiar with .NET core
● Good use of Azure or AWS
● Azure webapp services
● Exposure to NoSQL database
● Docker / Swarm / Kubernetes
Personal Traits Required:
● Experience working in a product company or has product company type software
development experience
● Comfortable working in a small company, start-up, fast moving, ambitious environment
● Comfortable working in an environment with ambitious expectations for themselves
and each other
● Flexible mindset and able to deal with ambiguity
● Excellent communication – in person, on the phone, and in writing
● Comfortable communicating with a wide range of individuals – including peers, juniors,
and seniors and executives
● Intellectual curious, forward thinking, willing to suggest / try new technologies and
creative approaches to problems


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