ID 1464 – UX Designer Senior (relocate to Spain)


About the job
We use technology to augment real conversations in between Customer Service agents and Customers. By focusing on human conversations, we augment agents’ capabilities so they can {find / achieve / know} anything on the spot while talking to customers.
We are on the hunt for top talent that can approach digital platforms in a holistic manner, open to solve very complex problems. They must be keen on giving attention and care to the different layers of what a successful product really means.

About our UX Designer position
An excellent UX is part of our core philosophy. Only by helping CS agents puting mechanical tasks behind, they will be able to focus on helping customers, one conversation at a time. We’re looking for the first full-time UX designer to join our small and growing team and help us iterate rapidly our product based on feedback from customers and other market insights.

Experience & Responsibilities
● Proven experience (having a project portfolio to share!)
● 5+ year experience in digital product design (conversational interface design is an asset); a strong leaning to people-centered design processes is a must.
● Understanding the design process through phases such as empathizing, defining, creating, prototyping, testing and understanding the importance of iterative creative processes.
● Past experience on carrying out research phases (user testing or interviews) and analyzing and extracting key insights.
● Prototyping diagrams, maps or screen flows to validate hypotheses, to later use as a communication tool between internal teams and/or clients, prior to final design.
● Experience in using visual design tools (Sketch/Figma) to create deliverables for developers.
● Proposing MVP solutions and planning more elaborate solutions, with knowledge of agile and lean frameworks.
● Converting those wireframes to visual designs following our identity’s graphic line.
● Hand-on team player: you will not only propose ideas and improve workflows when needed, but you will also become a user advocate and defend your thesis when criticism arises.

Role and Culture
● This is a full-time role in a fully-remote company.
● Ideally, you should be located in GMT+2 time zones.
● We’re a small team with high standards, higher goals and strong ethics. We intend to sow the seeds of an interesting, respectful, diverse culture.
● We strive to create an organisation composed of smart, motivated adults working towards a shared purpose while recognising and respecting individual differences and contexts.
● We appreciate that work is only a subset of people’s lives and will always try to accommodate day-to-day needs and circumstances.


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