ID 1475 – Senior Backend Developer (100% remote)

We have a tremendous growth challenge in the coming months. New products are integrated into our business and the hiring of a world-class CTO to our leaders board, will make us to break our figures in 2021. That is why we are expanding our engineering team to 3X. We are looking for powerful Tech Leads, experts in the management of cutting-edge technologies, develop high-performance engineering teams and with a big interest to be part of our team, learn from us and contribute all their valuable knowledge as well.

What do we expect from you as a Tech Lead?

  • You have +5 years of overall in Engineering experience.
  • You work focused on the Backend with languages ​​like Python or NodeJS 
  • You manage your Engineering Squad applying good practices of organization, agile methodologies and team management.
  • You communicate efficiently with your team to achieve great results.
  • You are curious and like to find effective and fun ways of working.
  • You are hands on and think out of the box

What benefits do we offer you?

  • Remote-first and global work culture; you can be anywhere in the world.
  • 8 days off and paid additional to those that are legally established in your country.
  • If you are in Colombia, you have a 30% discount on all your trips through our company’s app.

How is our culture?

We are a company that values ​​human interaction, teamwork and independence. We hope to find in each member the values ​​that come from our heart, to do our job better and better:

  • We dream big and we pull it off
  • We see solutions where others see problems
  • We enjoy it and grow as a team
  • We treat each other with love and we do the right thing
  • We take care of our planet

Additionally, we respect diversity and include ourselves in it. We build a product for everyone, developed by a team for everyone. We are interested in your creativity and your talent, that is why we do not discriminate or classify our hiring according to gender, ethnicity, religion, political ideology or any other bias. We are proud of our team and its characteristics, so you will find a diversity of personalities, languages ​​and nationalities.


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