ID 1532 – Machine Learning Engineer


This position offers you the opportunity to join a fast-growing technology organisation that is shifting productivity paradigms in the software engineering industry. This opportunity is right for you if you are passionate about technology and want to learn about new trends that are shaping human behavior.
As a Senior NLP Engineer, you will design, build NLP and deep learning models for search, recommendation, learning to rank problems common to information retrieval space.
Machine Learning/NLP Problems you’ll work on:

Design & build models for following problem areas
● Search Ranking & Personalization
● Recommender System – Computational re-Ranking
● Information Retrieval – (Deep) Learning to Rank
● (Deep) Learning to Match Query – Query (intent) Understanding
● Question & Answering Systems

Sounds like you? Apply if you have
● Strong knowledge of deep learning frameworks such as Tensorflow or PyTorch.
● Build end-to-end model development using deep learning frameworks (such as Pytorch Lightning) with production deployment.
● Strong mathematical, statistical methods & analytical skills
● Work experience in recommendation systems, ranking systems, Natural Language Processing, text understanding, classification.
● Experience in building Recommender Systems, Information Retrieval, Search Ranking, Deep Learning to Match & personalization is a big plus.
● Experience with large scale search and machine learning systems is highly desired
●Experience with data transformation pipelines and Hadoop, Hive, and/or Impala is a plus
●Understanding of search and information retrieval including indexing, query rewriting, retrieval, and ranking
● Working experience with deep learning, particularly in the areas such as NLP, adversarial learning, learning to rank systems.
● Strong programming skills, familiarity with software development cycles, solid understanding of software concepts data structures and algorithms.

● Automatic salary adjustment.
● Two annual instances of performance feedback; from which salary adjustments
could arise based on the career plan.
● English classes with native teachers
● HomeOffice
● Within your team you will be able to choose the benefits you consider and they will be evaluated if they are implemented.
● Family group health insurance: Osde or Swiss Medical


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