ID 1616 – Python Backend Engineer


We’re looking for a strong senior-level Python backend engineer.

What’s in it for you
1. Work with the latest and greatest technologies.
2. Learn from the best people. We constantly challenge the status quo, learn from each other, and invent new ways of building a great product.
3. We actually write automated tests. We take advantage of the latest automation tools like automatic deployments, CI/CD pipelines, and more.
4. Flexible hours. Just join daily standups, sprint planning, and retrospective meetings. Other than that you’re in control of your own schedule.
5. Work remotely at the comfort of your home or a shared co-working space.
6. Work on challenging problems, innovate, have fun while doing it.
7. Travel around the world. We offer occasional business trips to work with our clients face to face from their offices.

Required Qualifications
1. Total of 10+ years of hands-on full-time coding experience building backend API with technologies like Java Spring, Go, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, PHP (Laravel only), and PostgreSQL/MySQL.
2. At least 2 – 4 years of recent experience with Python, Django or Flask/FastAPI/Pyramid.
3. Ability to write clean, modular, scalable, well-tested code, setting an example for others.
4. Ability to lead by example, understand client’s goals, create and implement solutions to achieve them in a team setting.
5. Experience working directly with a Product Manager, Designer, QA Engineer in a highly collaborative and proactive way.
6. Strong knowledge of scalable backend API architecture, best practices, and tools.
7. Upper-intermediate to fluent speaking and writing English.
8. Experience with automated testing.
9. Clear understanding of the runtime complexity of the code being written.
10. Ability to think outside of the box and work on the same project long term with a high
degree of care.

Nice to haves
1. A formal Computer Science degree.
2. Working experience in a proper Agile / Scrum team environment.
3. Deep understanding of automated testing, ability to set up automated testing frameworks, testing architecture, data seeding, mocking, and implementing best testing practices.
4. Deep understanding of runtime complexity and memory complexity using Big O notation.
5. Growth stage startup experience.
6. Technical leadership experience.
7. Team management experience.
8. Open source contributions, presentations, and publications.


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