ID 1622 – Data Engineer


Experience: 4+ years of experience working with building ETL processes in the cloud preferably using RedShift as a back-end
Job Duties:  Create, maintain, and debug our daily ETLs (extract, transform, load). Maintain the data warehouse, Airflow job processing system, and our Tableau visualization server. Optimize AWS (Amazon Web Services) costs (reservation strategies, scaling techniques, hardware type selection), and configure and optimize web servers data systems. Responsible for deployment and package management with Docker and continuous integration techniques, and alerting and monitoring with tools such as Nagios, Stackdriver, New Relic Work with database administration.
Special Requirements:
3+ years experience with using Python for ETL
3+ years experience writing SQL
Experience with Airflow is preferred
Experience with AWS, including: EC2, S3, Redshift, Route53, CloudFront, CloudTrail
Strong grasp of SQL, data warehousing, data normalization and schema design


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