ID 1664 – Devops

For more than 15 years, we have been developing customized software solutions for web & mobile platforms and providing IT staff augmentation services to clients from all over the world. We strive to develop solutions with creativity and professionalism in a friendly and inspiring environment. We’d love you to be part of it!


Profile & Seniority

We are looking for a SR DevOps to join our team. We highly value a thirst for learning, the ability to collaborate, and passion for our customers. We are excited to tackle hard technical problems. We take our responsibility seriously as we use technology to help our customers make important, sometimes life-changing, buying decisions.

We’re on a mission to empower people to make better decisions through the fusion of machine and human intelligence. We’re solving some of the biggest problems troubling the modern consumer experience. Through our unique, data-driven AI platform, we’ve introduced a fresh approach to the way people make important decisions. As part of our team, you’d be helping to build technologies that will significantly advance the world’s largest consumer industries, starting with home buyers in the real estate industry.

If you enjoy working with cutting edge technologies in a fast-paced environment this opportunity is for you!


Position Requirements

➔ Deep understanding of distributed systems and container design patterns.

➔ Experience with Kubernetes and AWS best practices, cross-account integration in AWS, cloud networking and security, identity access management, and autoscaling.

➔ Experience with end-to-end continuous delivery of infrastructure using code. Ability to work closely with development teams to brainstorm, design, and implement GitOps workflows that deploy infrastructure and software using modern IaC tools like Cloudformation, Terraform, Flux, Kustomize, and Helm.

➔ Excellent troubleshooting, investigation, critical thinking, and communication skills.

➔ Ability to design software and operational workflows for safe online upgrades and zero-downtime maintenance. Ability to troubleshoot complex production issues and develop and maintain clear site reliability documentation and a drive for identifying essential signals in a system to support operational excellence.

➔ Strong experience in application development lifecycles. Experience writing code as a production software engineer and an understanding of the value and implementation of software development processes like unit testing, performance testing, canary deployments, and code branching and releasing.


What the Infrastructure Engineering team does:

➔ Be an equal partner to all teams in Engineering, providing infrastructure and continuous deployment tooling to maximize development speed and ease

➔ Participate in building a strong culture that values learning and collaboration

➔ Provide highly available infrastructure and drive best practices for systems design, container orchestration, internal tooling, and automation

➔ Participate in and contribute to the improvement of on-call and incident management

➔ Provide infrastructure and application lifecycle management through CI/CD and site reliability engineering practices

➔ Enable engineering teams to scale and operate services reliably and cost-effectively


➔ Direct contact with the client



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