ID 1688 – Head of Engineering


Main Focus:
Embrace the vision of our company to build and shape the future of its technology foundation via a correct combination of tools, methods, and software development talent.

We are challenging the status-quo of how compliance and in particular, risk assessment practices are performed at LatAm fintechs. We are looking for someone with an entrepreneurial mindset and the confidence to build up and lead a high-performance engineering team. As a Head of Engineering, you’re not afraid of getting involved with non-trivial business domains and collaborating with professionals from very different knowledge fields such as sales, operations, legal, risk, and finance.

What have you done prior to us?

  • Built up engineering teams from scratch.
  • Coded with high-performance software development teams.
  • Released and supported software systems into production.
  • Architected software distributed systems.
  • Documented and shared learnings, good and bad experiences with teammates and the software development community.

Traits we value the most

  • Strong communication skills: You will be one of the technical voices of our company to the world.
  • Delivery management: You will guide and support the team throughout the delivery process.
  • Critical but divergent thinking: You know how to prioritize critical aspects of the process and the product by permanently bringing ideas to help the team meet its objectives.
  • Engineering culture: You know how to encourage, challenge, and build predictable teams based on a strong method, tooling, and talent.

What will you do?

  • You will understand and navigate how Risk Assessment practices are relevant to our clients and how we serve as one of its most critical value chain links (starting with onboarding of end-customers);
  • You will contribute to translate the business context of the Risk Assessments into beautiful data products, and rules engines based on simple but effective algorithms and first-class APIs;
  • You will structure, support, and lead a growing engineering team eager to get to know challenging technologies and engineering practices;
  • You will be the engineering voice at our company and will work together with co-founders to articulate and share our vision and mission to its clients, potential investors, developers, and other stakeholders in the market.


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