ID 1692 – Fullstack Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Full-Stack Engineer (frontend-oriented) to work with one of our US-based clients, which is a leading ebook and audiobook subscription service that includes over one million titles and hosts over 60 million documents on their open publishing platform. 
You will join the Web Subscriber team, which focuses on empowering our client’s readers to indulge their curiosities and expand their knowledge by building quality products and user experiences. 

In this project, you will:

    • Contribute to code strategy and architecture, implementation, delivery, and operation of systems, end-to-end
    • Consider testability, upgradeability, scalability, and observability throughout the development process
    • Give advice on others’ technical design
    • Review code
    • Mentor less experienced engineers

You are the one if you have:

    • Vast experience with Javascript, HTML, and CSS
    • Vast experience with modern JavaScript frameworks, more specifically React
    • Experience with Redux
    • Experience performing full-stack development
    • Knowledge of npm, yarn, babel and webpack
    • Experience writing unit and integration tests with frameworks like Jest, Rspec, Enzyme, Cypress, Selenium, and WebdriverIO
    • Experience working with data pipelines, both real-time and batch offline
    • Experience debugging issues in a complex modern web architecture, which includes distributed systems, CDN, image servers, databases, asynchronous web services, CSRF, cross site scripting, etc.
    • Experience working with distributed teams and foreign clients
    • Familiarity with Agile Scrum/Kanban methodology
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English

It’s a big plus if you have experience with:

    • Ruby on Rails
    • CSS Modules
Our Engineers bring the vision and goals of our clients to life by bringing experience and passion to the software development process. Our Engineers take pride in elegant and robust solutions that bring peace of mind to those who rely on them.


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