ID 1706 – Fullstack Developer


About the Role:

As the company’s first full-stack engineer, you will be building several backend microservices and infrastructure pipelines that power our core financial product, as well as helping to build the frontend user experience. You will gain a unique look into how the US financial system works on the inside and strengthen your financial-domain knowledge. You will wear multiple hats and have lots of autonomy (from making software architecture decisions to API design to defining scalability requirements throughout the full SDL). You will have high impact and high growth potential.


4+ years of experience as a software developer

Expertise building & designing REST APIs in Python/Django

Expertise building UIs in React.js

Experience with Redis & Celery

Experience working with relational databases and transactions (especially Postgres)

Experience building and deploying microservices in AWS

Experience working with Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform and AWS EKS

Experience with consumer-producer messaging services (e.g. Kafka, RabbitMQ, or AWS MSK)


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