ID 1723 – Fullstack Engineer


Who Are We?

Our Company  has been the leading Latin American nearshore software development firm since 2005 serving top technology companies in Silicon Valley. Our team of 50 engineers is located across Central and South America in 12 different countries. Our goal is to source the highest skilled developers in this region because we like to tackle tough engineering problems at the forefront of the industry. We may not be the biggest firm out there but we’re definitely the most talented. 

Here are some things to look forward to that set us apart from other roles you might be evaluating:

  • Continuous Learning: We’ll help you develop a holistic skillset of technical, soft, and management skills that will build a strong career foundation. 
  • Top Benefits: We have the best benefits package compared to any other services firm in Latin America, which includes: substantial personal time off, family leave, health benefits, and lots of personal & work reimbursements
  • Work Directly with Clients: You’ll get to work directly with clients and build your own relationships that often last a lifetime. After 2 years on an account, we allow our Clients to hire our engineers directly if both parties are interested. 

What You’ll Be Responsible For

  • Design and implement highly scalable applications using Java Spring Boot
  • Write clean and testable JAVA code applying SOLID design principles. Be an advocate of TDD.
  • Create Unit, Integration and Full end-to-end automated tests using any of the popular testing tools
  • Collaborate with business stakeholders and product owners to produce and ship top-notch software 
  • Support your teammates to crush technical challenges, learn new skills, and innovate!
  • Being transparent, honest and committed to shipping code that makes you proud!

Skills & Requirements

  • Solid understanding of OOP principles and design patterns
  • Able to have a deep conversation about Java frameworks and architecture with senior developers demonstrating knowledge of core principles, pros/cons, and implementation strategies
  • You can implement the most common Java Back End patterns with your eyes closed
  • Hands-on experience with any of the Modern JavaScript Front End frameworks (i.e. React, Vue, Svelte, etc…) is a plus
  • You gotta have experience with source control (e.g. git)
  • Worked on a team and have preferably used SCRUM/Agile methodologies 
  • Fluency in english. All email, slack, and video meetings with Client’s will be in english. 

This is a full-time, remote position that can work from anywhere in Latin America. 


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