ID 1724 – UI Engineer


About Us
We are a seed stage, stealth mode security company in the APIs & Microservices space. We are on
a mission to empower developers to be true guardians of customer data!
Microservices (software) are eating the world, and this is clear from the massive success of companies like Datadog, NewRelic, Synk, etc. Enabling developers to secure their APIs & Microservices is an untapped multi-billion dollar opportunity!
Our company makes it easy for developers to adopt security in their CI/CD pipelines, and deliver secure applications, similar to what Synk did for open source software components. With us, developer can ensure customer data is always accessed (via APIs) in a secure & authorized manner.
We are well funded by Tier 1 Silicon Valley VCs, and have customers we are actively working with.
The founding team consists of folks who have built billion dollar companies before, including folks
from AppDynamics, BlueCoat Systems, and D.E Shaw.

Role Description:
This is a founding engineer role and requires you to think critically and design with first principles.
You should be comfortable with multiple moving parts, microservices architecture, deploying the
services with containers and continuous integration & continuous deployment. Given you will be in
charge in critical customer facing building blocks — you need be very UX oriented, pay close
attention to detail, and have a forward-thinking outlook while maintaining scrappiness for the
present needs. You are very comfortable learning new technologies, and systems. You thrive in an
iterative but heavily test-driven development environment.

• Design, build, test and deploy the SaaS UI
• Work closely with our platform engineers to define the APIs needed for the Saas UI
• Work closely with our designer to design the best user experience for our customers
• Experiment, prototype, measure, and make UX-driven technology decisions
• Help improve engineering standards, tooling, and process

You are a good fit if you:
• Have 4+ years of experience as a front-end developer
• Have strong hands-on programming experience in Typescript
• Have strong experience with React
• Are proficient using Git version control
• Note: Languages/Tools can be learned. We care more about solid foundational engineering skills rather than a particular language or framework
• Expert knowledge of CSS, CSS extension languages (Less, Sass), and CSS preprocessor tools.
• Expert knowledge of HTML5 and its best practices.
• Hold yourself to a very high bar for production system quality
• Love to demonstrate, and incrementally build 100% confidence in all the layers/components you develop.
• Have a deep sense of appreciation for test-driven methodology
• Love driving projects end-to-end to deliver business and are unafraid of the unknowns
• ALWAYS take a customer-first and team-first approach

It’s a plus if you:
• Have python programming skills
• Have experience with Web Workers
• Have built Saas platforms UIs in the past
• Have experience working with GraphQL
• Have worked with Kubernetes in the past
• Have familiarity with prototyping tools like Figma


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