ID 1742 – Fullstack Engineer


About Us
Our mission is to deliver financial wellness to families. We live this mission every day by building inclusive benefits for working parents. We believe every parent and caregiver should have the freedom to have both a successful career and happy home.
Our first product helps companies become the employer of choice for families by reducing the extremely high cost of child care in the U.S. By doing so we help employers attract, retain, and empower diverse talent.

Founding Engineer
You’re passionate about our mission, eager to contribute to it, and energized by the opportunity to be part of the founding team. You are an engineer with a strong interest in product, who enjoys prototyping new features and experimenting on existing ones. You understand that great products are not invented, but instead discovered through relentless iteration.
«Founding engineer» means just that, you will be our first-and-only developer for a short term. We are committed to aligning your career interests with company needs.
You will get to own the engineering roadmap, help hire the core engineering team, present technical concepts to the board and investors, and more. Whether you aspire to be a VP, CTO, or Principal Engineer, this role is a great launchpad.If your aspirations are to become VP Engineering or a CTO, we’d like to help you get there.

Technical & Interpersonal Skills
● 4+ years in a full-time engineering role
● CS fundamentals: you’ve got the broad-based knowledge needed to build a collaborative, client-server application end to end
● Systems thinking: we know we’ll have to refactor stuff as we scale but we’d still like to do some future-proofing up front
● Familiarity with modern front-end development framework, such as React
● Experience with some general purpose languages, such as Python or JS+Node
● You enjoy delivering delightful, polished front ends. You may not be a designer—but you enjoy working with them
● A desire to collaborate and resonate with our values to help working parents
● You like working in a fast-paced environment

● Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. in Computer Science or related technical discipline
● Extensive hands-on work experience developing web-based applications, preferably in a SaaS environment
● Proven experience working across all levels of the development stack
● Experience working on scalable web applications or other distributed systems
● Strong familiarity with testing tools and methodology
● Highly motivated, resourceful problem-solver with the ability to lead and interact effectively with cross-functional teams
● You love learning about new technologies, but understand the value of continuing to use something old if it still does everything you need it to do
● You care about the long-term maintainability of the codebase and will learn to advocate for refactoring and clean-ups where appropriate


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