ID 1752 – Machine Learning Ops


What You’ll Do Here

Our company is looking for an MLOps engineer to help in building the ultimate voice-based
conversational AI. We’re looking for coders and creators with a refined code sense: people who’ve
built cool things, but who can also maintain and scale those things, and who feel proud seeing their
code in production.
The ideal candidates would have professional experience building data and model pipelines and
supporting ML Ops for cutting edge data science teams, be proficient with Python and/or Golang
and excited to work in a fast-moving start-up environment.


Be the technical product owner for the data pipeline, evaluation/benchmarking and monitoring
tools working closely with Data Scientists to support their needs
Design and develop Infrastructure for MlOps, including data pipelines, model serving/versioning
and monitoring.
Design and develop Benchmarking and Evaluation Tools
Support the NLP team in building proof of concepts (POC)
Build, operationalize and help take POCs to production
Support ML Ops and Production Support as required

Technology Expertise

Strong experience with MLOps – With a focus in building and managing data pipelines
Strong software engineering, data management skills.
Strong proficiency in Python or Scala. Golang is a plus.
Experience building scalable services
Good design and problem solving skills
Experience working with cloud infrastructure (GCP, AWS, Azure)
Experience working with docker/containers, and/or kubernetes
Strong with SQL and/or NoSQL databases.
Experience designing and creating APIs. Flask or FastAPI knowledge is a plus.


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