ID 1783 – Head Of Engineering


You will:

  • Build the next generation software marketplace that equips founders globally to be more competitive and build sustainable businesses
  • Lead back-end and front-end development efforts across a team of 10 engineers
  • Maintain and advocate for internal standards through code review
  • Manage project management tools (i.e. Jira)
  • Work with agile methodologies
  • Connect and support founders from around the world
  • Work closely with the co-founders and executive team

You have:

  • 7+ years of software engineering experience and 2+ years of engineering management experience
  • Subject matter expertise with cloud marketplaces or website building tools
  • Experience with programming languages such as Javascript, Ruby, PHP or Python
  • Experience working with relational databases such as Postgres and Mysql
  • Experience with CI/CD tools such as CircleCI, Travis and Github Actions (preferred)
  • Experience with web frameworks such as React and Ruby on Rails
  • Experience with cloud services such as AWS and Heroku
  • Fluency in English and Spanish
  • A background as a prior company’s technical co-founder (preferred)


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