ID 1808 – SR. Blockchain Developer


The scope of the software is well defined but may evolve over time as DAOs are nascent, e.g. integrating decentralized courts, and decentralizing funding
mechanisms. You will co-plan and co-design the product with the  team in an agile, open-source development process.

Minimum Qualifications

• 4+ years of software experience
• 3+ years backend experience, including NodeJS
• 1+ year experience with web3.js
• 6+ months of Solidity experience
• Experience working in technical/development roles in the crypto projects
• Process-driven, proactive – able to report on your activity and communicate well with the team and DAO (community).


• 2+ years working with cloud infrastructure, supporting devops.
• 1+ years CI/CD experience (e.g. Travis, tox)
• You’re obsessed with blockchain and DAOs. You play with dapps, vote on proposals, or have contributed code to a DAO.

• Excellent writing and communication skills. You will engage with the community, receive feedback, identify usage patterns, and communicate macro outcomes.
• Successfully delivered on promises, comfortable working autonomously and within a team
• Differentiate good and bad feedback to find real pain points to improve product/program based on learnings and manage and update scripts and reward function accordingly
• Proven experience in building meaningful technical communities around projects and ability to build and manage relationships with key stakeholders
• Stellar research skills
• Preferred work hours: 9-5 on North American time zones. We start early to sync with the EU team (7am PDT).
• We don’t expect you to be an expert in all of these. Rather, we’d love to see that you’re interested in them, perhaps know one or two as a starting point, and most importantly, that you’ll learn more about them as you grow with us professionally and personally.


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