ID 1810 – Sr Blockchain Developer.


Minimum Qualifications

• 5+ years of software experience
• 2+ years Python or Javascript experience
• 1+ years blockchain software experience
• 6+ months Solidity experience
• You focus on the outcome. You work with the team to set goals, then to achieve
the goals. You are a creative “make it happen” problem solver.
• Proficient in writing & speaking English


• 2+ years Python and JavaScript
• 1+ years CI/CD experience (e.g. Travis, tox)
• You’re obsessed with blockchain. You follow crypto Twitter, play with dapps, read about Token Engineering, and maybe even yield farm.

• As a bonus, we’d love to hear about cool stuff you’ve built with: data/service- oriented Web3 tech (IPFS / Filecoin, TheGraph, Chainlink, Polkadot / Substrate, Cosmos) or backend services (REST APIs, Travis, Docker, GraphQL, K8s). The
nerdier the better:)
• You’re an excellent writer.
• Preferred work hours: 9-5ish on European time zones
• We don’t expect you to be an expert in all of these. Rather, we’d love to see that you’re interested in them, perhaps know one or two as a starting point, and most importantly, that you’ll learn more about them as you grow with us professionally and personally.


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