ID 1813 – Sr Backend Python Developer.


Position Requirements:

➔ You’ve successfully delivered software in a complex environment for 5+ years
➔ You know your way around agile development and microservice architecture
➔ You think that culture is something that you build, not just a buzzword
➔ You have a strong affinity for command-line tools and Unix pipelines
➔ You never use the words: «That’s how it’s always been done»
➔ + 3 years working with USA Clients

You will work with:

➔ Python (Flask, SQLAlchemy), GraphQL and Node.js (Express) for backend
➔ Deployment in AWS, powered by Terraform, Docker, and Ansible
➔ Continuous Integration via CircleCI

What you will do:
➔ Owning delivery end-to-end and releasing without drama
➔ Treating team success as personal success
➔ Curiosity and translating learning into systematic improvement
➔ Thinking clearly and communicating effectively
➔ Using the right tool for the job, especially open-source


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