ID 1876 – QA Automation Agent


Position Requirements:
➔ 3+ years experience in a QA role
➔ Relevant experience in any automated test framework or tool
➔ Experience using Postman
➔ Experience with API testing
➔ Independent, self-motivated
➔ Proven track record of always learning and growing
➔ Fluent in English, written and spoken
➔ Proactive attitude
➔ Teamwork
➔ Experience with Cypress (or willingness to learn and work with it)
➔ Focused on testing strategy and test plans Our Tech Stack
➔ AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, Cognito, API Gateway, EventBridge, Step Functions, SAM framework for CloudFormation, Cloudwatch, Amplify Auth)
➔ GitHub
➔ React
➔ Netlify

What you will do:
➔ Simulate user needs and actual usage scenarios from a user perspective
➔ Write test plans/test cases and output test reports according to feature requirements
➔ Track and analyze automated tests to improve test efficiency
➔ Create and maintain our Cypress end-to-end tests
➔ Track and record product issues and analyze the problems through various tools, giving feedback to relevant personnel to make corrections
➔ Improve our Continuous Integration pipeline
➔ Identify and execute on opportunities to improve or establish quality processes
➔ Help automate all aspects of the software engineering process
➔ Review designs and code done by others and provide constructive feedback
➔ Be highly organized and self-driven to collaborate effectively with an all-remote team
➔ Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies


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