ID 1882 – FullStack Software Engineer


What’s in it for you
● Work with the latest and greatest technologies.
● Learn from the best people. We constantly challenge the status quo, learn from each other, and invent new ways of building a great product.
● We actually write automated tests. We take advantage of the latest automation tools like automatic deployments, CI/CD pipelines, and more.
● Flexible hours. Just join daily standups, sprint planning, and retrospective meetings. Other than that you’re in control of your own schedule.
● Work remotely at the comfort of your home or a shared co-working space.
● Work on challenging problems, innovate, have fun while doing it.
● Travel around the world. We offer occasional business trips to work with our clients face to face from their offices.

Required Qualifications
● 3+ years of full-time hands-on experience in a professional setting.
● 3+ years of full-time hands-on experience with React.js.
● 3+ years of full-time hands-on experience with backend Node.js using Express or similar.
● 2+ years of AWS experience.
● Upper-intermediate to fluent speaking and writing English.
● Experience with a component library.
● Experience working with a UX team.
● Experience working in a CI/CD environment pushing to production daily multiple times per day. Continuous delivery mindset.
● Experience writing automated unit tests. Test first quality mindset.
● Passion about well-crafted, high-quality code that is built to scale.
● Thrive in a faced paced, late-stage startup and able to embrace change to drive the organization forward.
● Ability to interact and communicate with individuals at all levels of the organization.
● Ability to participate in the refinement of requirements and the design of technology solutions.
● Experience working in an Agile team to deliver technology products.
● Own creation and maintenance of solutions through deployment to production and beyond.
● Follow best practices established by the team to ensure quality and timely delivery.

Nice to have
● Experience in API-based web development using GraphQL.
● NoSQL experience with MongoDB or similar.
● Experience with React hooks.
● Knowledge of Material-UI.
● Experience in the cloud managing AWS services (CFN / CDK / Terraform).
● Experience in Typescript.
● Experience/interest in Accessibility and Security.
● Knowledge of Runtime and memory complexity using Big O notation.
●Deep understanding of automated testing, ability to set up automated testing frameworks, testing architecture, data seeding, mocking, and implementing best testing practices.
● Technical leadership experience.
● Team management experience.
● Open-source contributions, presentations, and publications.


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