ID 1985 – Sr. Python Fullstack Engineer


What You’ll Be Responsible For

  • Write clean and testable code with Python
  • Building scalable services and APIs with FastAPI and Django
  • Implement relational databases and write clean and performant SQL queries
  • Help with Front End development using any of the popular frontend frameworks (VueJS, React, Svelte), ideally React. 
  • Create Unit, Integration and Full end-to-end automated tests using any of the popular testing tools 
  • Collaborate with business stakeholders and product owners to produce and ship top-notch software 
  • Support your teammates to crush technical challenges, learn new skills, and innovate!
  • Being transparent, honest and committed to shipping code that makes you proud!

Skills & Requirements

  • Built and released at least half-dozen production-ready features
  • Able to have a deep conversation about Python frameworks and application architecture with senior developers demonstrating knowledge of core principles, pros/cons, and implementation strategies
  • You can implement the most common Python design patterns with your eyes closed
  • You gotta have experience with source control (e.g. git)
  • Worked on a team and have preferably used SCRUM/Agile methodologies 
  • Fluency in english. All email, slack, and video meetings with Client’s will be in english. 


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