Java Developer (100% remote)

    Descripción del trabajo

    We are looking for a bright, passionate professional to join a growing engineering organization as our client continues to build out and enhance a Social Media Management Platform. In this key position you will focus on analyzing, designing and implementing the core services of our SaaS offering that must be fault tolerant and highly available even as the customers utilize them to manage and analyze vast quantities of social media data. And while you will primarily be focused on web services and the persistence schema and access patterns backing them, they don’t believe in silos of responsibility. So you should be ready to tackle challenges in other areas ranging from user facing technologies to “big data” storage and search. They’re also big believers in engineers being involved early and often in the requirements definition process. So in addition to savoring the technical challenges of the position, you’ll need to be as comfortable working with product managers, user experience designers and other business stakeholders as you are with other engineers. And perhaps most importantly, is their very collaborative work environment and we’ll look to you to help the team grow by bringing your own experiences and insights and continuing to look out for new ideas that will help us deliver better software faster.

    ● Experience developing Java based web applications and significant comfort with both Java itself as well as OOA/D techniques
    ● Experience with ORM mapping technologies such as Hibernate
    ● Experience designing applications that leverage a dependency injection container such as Spring
    ● Experience with relational database schema definition and query design/optimization
    ● Experience building an externalized service layer to support multiple client implementations
    ● Experience developing applications that must be scaled to provide consistent throughput while supporting increasing user concurrency
    ● Experience working with product managers and user experience as requirements are fleshed out
    ● Strong verbal and written communication skills
    ● Understanding of both architectural and implementation patterns
    ● Understanding of RESTful service design
    ● Understanding of automated testing best practices
    ● Familiarity with HTML, CSS and Javascript
    ● Familiarity with variants of agile development methodologies
    ● Experience leading a cross functional team to deliver functional software is a plus

    ● Experience with a variety of languages and frameworks is a plus
    ● Experience working with messaging systems such as Apache Kafka
    ● Experience working with highly distributed systems

    ● Level of English: upper-intermediate

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