ID 781 – Sr Backend Developer (para relocalización en Alemania)

    Descripción del trabajo
    • LugarMunich-Alemania

    Are you looking to improve your skills and gain valuable experience in order to enrich your  career path? Do you want to work on an innovative and international team of highly skilled  developers? Our client is seeking to hire excited and motivated team members that are willing to  share their expertise and push their capabilities to the next level.

    The company is an innovative startup company located in central Munich. They are developing a new  social lifestyle application unique to any other application available in the market. They are  searching for a motivated person to help support the development of this project.

    Their stack:
    Their backend system represents a microservice architecture with strict domain boundaries  between services. They use REST API for external and direct internal communications. Also, they  use messaging to pass events between services. All their services are deployed as Docker  containers.

    Technologies they use in backend:
    v Languages: Scala, Go, Python.
    v Databases: PostgreSQL, Redis.
    v Messaging and Stream Processing: Apache Kafka.
    v Search: Solr.
    v Delivery and Orchestration: Docker, Nomad, Consul.
    v Other services: AWS S3, AWS Rekognition.
    v CI & CD: GitLab + Bash & Python

    Your roles:
    v Build new features and improve existing ones for their modern and scalable backend system.
    v Become an owner of a set of microservices, be responsible for a given business and  technical domain, suggest ways to improve performance and quality of your services, participate in cross-service integrations processes.
    v Collaborate with a team around you and help in its development processes early on.
    v Join in with cross-functional teams to define, design and ship new features.
    v A chance to enrich their team with your knowledge and your innovative ideas.
    v You continuously discover, evaluate and implement new technologies to maximize quality  and efficiency.

    Your profile:
    v 5+ years of Java/Scala development experience.
    v 2+ years of pure Scala development experience.
    v You have a good knowledge of the JVM.
    v You have experience with RDBMS (PostgreSQL preferred), NoSQL, KV stores.
    v You understand how to build distributed and resilient microservices using a modern stack  of technologies.
    v You have a track record of successfully developed and delivered applications.
    v You know your tools and you’re not afraid to use them (debugging, profiling, Java tools).
    v Ability to use the right tool at the right time. You can switch to other programming
    languages, quickly learn new technologies.
    v You like to learn about new technologies and trends.
    v You have a decent level of English, can read technical documentation and communicate easily with your colleagues.
    v You always do your best to deliver your code on time and achieve the best quality and you  are never satisfied until your task is done.
    v You prefer reading and understanding documentation rather than the first upvoted answer  on Stack Overflow.

    Nice to have:
    v Hands-on experience with Apache Kafka. You understand its architecture and guarantees.
    v Experience with Play Framework, Akka.
    v Knowledge of Scala FP libraries like Scalaz, Cats, Monix. Understanding about effects management and referential transparency.

    What they offer:
    v A crucial role in a highly motivated and talented team.
    v The opportunity to work on the latest iOS features.
    v Flat team structure and open communication.
    v MacBook Pro 2016+ as your working station