About us

Get to know our team.

Work Philosophy

We believe in our candidatespotential and skill development. We value ambitious and motivated workers over those who are simply qualified. We love candidates who are authentic rather than disingenous.

We are all capable of working, but not all of us have the same profile for the position that our client is looking to fill. At CONEXIONHR we identify the most suitable profile for the position that the client needs to fill.

Our working tools are: Perseverance - Transparency - Common sense - Humor - Tolerance - Optimism

We have two equally important clients: the candidate and the company looking for candidates. --

Our team

In this section, we introduce you to each of our team members:

Carolina Maristany - Managing Director

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (Universidad de Buenos Aires)  
  • MBA in Organizational and Work Psychology (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  • Professor of the Subject “Recruiting and Incorporation” (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  • She has been working in recruiting since 2008, specializing in IT profiles since 2009
  • She worked both for IT consulting firms and for product companies
  • She started to build CONEXIONHR in July 2009
  • She is in charge of coordinating the different areas of the Consulting Company, teaches courses on Recruiting and continues to recruit candidates like the first day
  • She loves cats and the Argentine Soccer Team San Lorenzo de Almagro
  • We asked her friends and they described her as: restless, enterprising, pretty anxious, generous, a family person, a very enthusiastic fan of San Lorenzo, obsessive, nerd, a great goalkeeper

Natalia Quintero - Talent Recruiter Specialist

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources (Universidad de Morón)
  • She started her career in the city of Córdoba, Argentina, and has been working in recruiting since 2014
  • She joined CONEXIONHR in June 2016 performing IT recruiting
  • She loves her daughter, family and friends
  • We asked her friends and they told us she is friendly, cheerful, rigorous related to study, sincere, obsessively tidy, an oil painting lover, a little bit stubborn, and above all a great fan of mate (argentinian drink) and state-of-the-art-technologies.

Sofía De Nicolo - Back Office Executive & Talent Recruiter

  • International Relations student (Universidad Nacional de Lanús)
  • She joined CONEXIONHR in 2016 to organize processes and documents and to manage the work of the entire team. In parallel, she started performing recruiting tasks by helping on searches we have.
  • She is a huge fan of postcards and she collects stamps. A quarter of her salary is spent on books.
  • Her friends told us that she is an organized person, demanding, anxious, responsible, and hard-working. She talks a lot (really, a lot!), but she is joyful, cool, she is a person to trust, a good friend.

Ana Laura Quevedo - Talent Recruiter Specialist

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UADE. She is finishing her master’s thesis on design and management of social programs
  • In 2011, she had her first experience in Human Resources. She worked for consulting firms and social organizations
  • She joined CONEXION at the beginning of 2017
  • She is fan of series, trips and cats
  • Her friends told us that she is: funny, enterprising, good at giving advice, sometimes a neat freak

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